Sunday , 1 March 2015
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Why is Firefox so crap on my Mac?

Yesterday Firefox was updated to version 11. I was hoping that this new version would actually take care of its absolutely crappy behaviour on my Mac Book pro but guess what …. it doesn't. I installed it last night, had Firefox open with 2 tabs (yes, there was 2 small flash-banners on those but nothing fancy) and then went to sleep letting the computer go to sleep. 

Today I woke up, closed the lid and went to work. As I opened up the lid and checked Firefox I realized it was very sluggish. Guess what? It now had consumed almost 2 GB of RAM + was running my CPU at 99%. Maybe it is the Flash-plugin that is buggy and has memory leaks but I've had similar experience also with pages without Flash so I think it is Firefox still leaking memory.


  1. I’ve been using Firefox for several years on my Windows machine with no problems – until around 3 months ago. It hangs when loading pages with lots of content. I’ve installed Chrome as my second browser. Shame about Firefox.

  2. I am having the same problem… It is damn annoying to see that my mac goes crazy while running firefox… Even a single tab with no flash is consuming more than 700mbs on ram… just dunno what is wrong with firefox… in contrast on my windows machine it is working so smoothly

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