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XFX GTX280 XXX: Fast & Furious

  In addition to the GTX280, XFX also sent us their latest and greatest XXX version of the card for review. We decided to embrace this as an opportunity to compare the two cards in a head to head along with a number of other popular graphics solutions. Our intent is not to rehash the plethora of features already covered in great detail in the aforementioned article, but more to concentrate on serious testing and expound on those features that prove noteworthy with the more mature drivers we will be using. No related posts. Read More »

XFX GTX 280: A Preview of What’s to Come

  Bjorn3D will kick off our on-going coverage of this gala event with a detailed preview of the flagship of the line, the GeForce GTX 280 provided to us by XFX. For clarity’s sake notice we said “on-going” and “preview”. As with the debut of any new generation of graphical product there is almost always a portion of the manufacturer’s final vision of that device that is either immature or incomplete, and the GTX 280 is certainly no exception to that premise. We fully intend to go into great detail in this preview about what’s currently available and what you can expect in the future from the NVIDIA 200 series of graphical products. No related posts. Read More »

ATEN CS1782 USB 2.0 DVI KVM Switch

  One look at the specs and features and I felt as though my prayers just might have been answered. Having written computer products reviews for a number of years I knew better than proclaim the product a winner without first taking a long test drive. Today it is my pleasure to share the results that we assimilated from our review of the ATEN CS1782 USB 2.0 DVI KVM Switch. No related posts. Read More »

OCZ DDR3-1600 Platinum vs. Patriot DDR3-1866 Viper

  Both of these products were used in our recent review of the ASUS P5E3 Premium motherboard. We saw some rather interesting phenomena with both of these memory kits in that review so we have decided to review both of these kits comparatively in much more detail using the same test rig. Our goal is not only to give you a complete review of these two memory products, but to also answer the questions we alluded to in the beginning of this introduction. No related posts. Read More »

ASUS P5E3 Premium WIFI Ap@n

  Today we at Bjorn3D plan to help you procrastinators out there by providing some useful facts that will help with your decision making dilemma. We will be reviewing the ASUS’s top of the line X48 based P5E3 Premium WIFI-AP @n motherboard. We plan to take this review to a new limit by testing the board with both the Intel® Q6600, 65nm processor and the Intel’s new X3350 Xeon 45nm Quad core processor which is said to mimic the long awaited, forthcoming 9450 processor in all respects. No related posts. Read More »

Honeywell 80 GB SecuraDrive Portable Drive

  When we at Bjorn3D are contacted by any vendor touting the merits of any new product we’ve learned through experience to take their words with a grain of salt. Likely as not these words are simply marketing hype and only through extensive testing is the truth revealed. In the case of the Honeywell 80 GB SecuraDrive™ the marketing was aimed more at the size of the drive(s), their construction, and durability. No related posts. Read More »

XFX 9800GTX 512MB

  Today, April 1, 2008 less than two weeks since the 9800GX2 became reality, the 9800GTX is born. We at Bjorn3D are honored to have the opportunity to review XFX’s version of the 9800GTX. The biggest question we asked ourselves before beginning this review was, is there a large enough void between the aforementioned cards to warrant the introduction of an entirely new card? Stick around we’ll have the answer to this and hopefully many other of your questions in short order. No related posts. Read More »


  Needless to say when GIGABYTE offered us their newest 8800GT TurboForce edition graphics card for review we were elated. We plan to find out if extreme performance and energy savings are mutually exclusive of one another or if the two can effective coexist in harmony. No related posts. Read More »

ASUS Maximus Formula (Non-SE): An Aircooling Delight

  Today we intend to not only review the ASUS® Maximus Formula but perform the review using a somewhat different approach that we hope is a precursor to something really unique and exciting for our readers. We’ll detail the changes we’ve made when we get to the “Testing Methodology” section of the review where the change actually are implemented. Up until then the format of our review of the Maximus formula will remain essentially the same. Please join us in our pursuit of presenting the Maximus Formula from a much broader and complete perspective. No related posts. Read More »

Mushkin XP2-6400 4GB Memory Kit

  Today it is our pleasure at Bjorn3D to present our take on Mushkin’s XP2-6400 4GB DDR2 memory kit. This kit is very close in specification to its predecessor but operates at a lower VDimm and costs less than half of what its forerunner cost back when it was first reviewed. No related posts. Read More »

Ultra ULT40064 X3 1000 Watt Power Supply

  Today we are indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to review Ultra Product’s ULT40064 X3 1000 Watt power supply. It is our goal to use our real world testing methodologies coupled with a high-end test system to determine if this product will stand up to the the extreme rigors that enthusiasts tend to enjoy. Please join us in this endeavor. No related posts. Read More »

ABS-Tagan TG800-U88 BZ 800 Watt Power Supply

  Approximately two weeks ago we were contacted by a representative of ABS Laboratories, a well know company in the gaming world, who both collaborated and certified the ABS-Tagan TG1300-U33 ITZ 1300 Watt power supply for extreme gaming. The ABS Labs marketing rep asked if we’d be interested in reviewing ABS-Tagan’s newest product. We had two questions: 1) Is it modular? and 2) Did you certify this PSU as well? After receiving affirmation to both questions all we could say is, “How quickly can you get it to us?”. No related posts. Read More »

XFX 8800 GT Alpha Dog XXX Edition

  In our review of the XFX 8800 GT Alpha Dog XXX Edition we fully intend to either prove or dispel many of the myths that have been communicated concerning this graphics solution; “Graphics Myth Busters” if you will. We have also changed some of the products as well as the operating system used on our test system to bring you the most up to date and accurate results possible. These changes will be discussed in detail in the “Testing” segment of the review. Please join us as we endeavor to continue Bjorn3D’s tradition of bringing you not only the most, but the best graphics card reviews on the Net! No related posts. Read More »

Seagate 1TB Family of Drives … Part 2 – ES.2

  We plan to test the Barracuda 1TB ES.2 drive strictly in the 64-bit VISTA environment which is much akin to what it will face in real-world application. We have added additional tests to our regimen that are 64-bit specific that we feel will help give the potential consumer a better feeling of this drive’s performance. No related posts. Read More »

Seagate 1TB Family of Drives … Part 1 – 7200.11

  Today it is our pleasure at Bjorn3D to continue our reviews of the Seagate storage review saga. Because we were fortunate enough to receive both the Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200.11, aimed at the mainstream consumer market and the Seagate Barracuda 1TB ES.2, designed more for enterprise networking solutions; Scott and I will split this review into two separate parts. Part 1 will feature the Barracuda 7200.11 and Part 2 will concentrate on the Barracuda ES.2. No related posts. Read More »

XFX 8800 GTS 320 MB: Another Fatal1ty

  Today at Bjorn3D we have the distinct pleasure of reviewing the third card to be included in XFX’s Fatal1ty Professional series, the GeForce™ 8800 GTS. After the success of its predecessors, this card has some big shoes to fill. XFX claims that this is the fastest 8800 GTS based card currently boasting a 30% improvement over the standard 8800 GTS 320MB card. XFX further states we can expect an astounding 15% increase in speed over all other 8800 GTS versions. The statements by XFX would lend us to believe the performance of this card should be approaching the speed of approaching that of the standard 8800 GTX card, I guess we’ll soon see! No related posts. Read More »

In the Zone … Tagan ITZ 1300 Watt Power Supply

  Today, we at Bjorn3D are going to be reviewing one of the latest solutions reputed to satisfy the needs of these power hungry systems; the Tagan TG1300-U33 ITZ 1300 Watt power supply. Our pre-review enthusiasm for this product went through the roof when we learned that the engineers at ABS Gaming Labs certified this power supply for the most extreme gaming rigs needing ultra performance. By the way ITZ is an acronym for “In the Zone” and suggests the level of performance the extreme gamer and/or enthusiast should be able to enjoy with the ITZ 1300. Please join us as we explore this product’s features and capabilities in great detail and determine whether this product truly brings the goods to the table. No related posts. Read More »

Dragon Naturally Speaking

  We spent several hours a day for about a week with Dragon Naturally Speaking and found the longer that we used the product the more accurate it became. Nuance makes claims of 99% accuracy and we do not see that figure being outside of the realm of possibility, especially for a user that properly enunciates the Kings English. No related posts. Read More »

1333MHz … Who Are the Big Dogs?

  First, we were extremely curious why the NVIDIA 680i based motherboard which 60 days ago was the “holy grail” of overclocking lost so much popularity in the enthusiast ranks, seemingly overnight. Secondly, we were curious to see if the 680i as advertised truly supported the new 1333MHz standard and if so how it performed in a head-to-head comparison against the P35. For the record, this is an article for informational puposes and not a review thus we will refrain from scoring any products being tested. No related posts. Read More »

ASUS Blitz Formula

  The ASUS Blitz Formula did one thing that impressed us more than anything else, it achieved or surpassed every goal that we set for it and that’s rare in this day and time. ASUS has a true winner on their hands as this is most likely the best of all the P35 motherboards currently available. No related posts. Read More »

Coolink Silentator

  To say we’re extremely impressed with the Coolink Silentator would be a vast understatement. The Silentator is not the best air cooler currently available on the market, we personally know of two or three that would beat it but only by 2° or so. I personally would gladly sacrifice those 2° any day for the quiet operation this cooler brings to the table. No related posts. Read More »

XFX 8600GT Fatal1ty Professional Series

  Today at Bjorn3D we have the distinct pleasure of reviewing the second product in XFX’s Fatal1ty Professional series, the GeForce 8600GT. With an endorsement from the world’s #1 gamer this gaming graphics solution has big shoes to fill. We plan to use typical testing regimen modified ever so slightly to determine if this product can fill those shoes, or maybe even go beyond. No related posts. Read More »

Antec P190 Case

  Today, some six months, after the expected launch, this case is finally available on the US market. We at Bjorn3D have every intent of giving the review sample of the Antec P190 that we received the most thorough review possible. If it’s as good as it sounds on paper this case may markedly change the way we look at building and powering our cases in the future. If not we’ll be one of the first to let you know. Join us in our own Bjorn3D lab as we examine every nuance this case has to offer. No related posts. Read More »

XFX 680i SLI

  What we do know is that tody we have XFX’s 680i SLI motherboard here at Bjorn3D and plan to put it through our rather extensive review process. Will it be just another NVIDIA 680i SLI reference board with XFX’s named stamped on it or is there something special about this board that NVIDIA and XFX have reserved until now? We’ll do our dead level best to answer this and other questions in our review. No related posts. Read More »

XFX 8800 Ultra XXX

  The base 8800 Ultra clocks do not look that promising as you can buy overclocked 8800GTX’s with the same speed if not faster. XFX changes this by bringing you 3 different versions of the Ultra. These are the $799.99 Ultra which matches NVIDIA’s reference Ultra speed, the $829.00 USD overclocked Ultra which is faster yet, and finally; the $879.00 XXX version which is by far the fastest of the trio and the product we’ll be reviewing today. No related posts. Read More »

OCZ Reaper HPC 8500 DDR-2 Memory

  Today we have the opportunity and pleasure to review a new memory product from OCZ, a name that is most certainly synonymous with quality in the computer products industry. We will be examining a 2GB DDR2 8500 kit from OCZ’s Reaper HPC series of memory. The Reaper HPC series of memory uses the aforementioned heat pipe technology to help dissipate heat this improving performance. Is it effective? Stick around and we’ll soon see. No related posts. Read More »


  Today it is our extreme pleasure to share with you our findings on a 680i LT SLI motherboard that is being marketed by an NVIDIA® partner that certainly needs no introduction, XFX. From our rather extensive experience reviewing XFX Graphics solutions we’ve seen their corporate philosophy transcend from merely words into a series of excellent, highly polished digital wonders that go a step beyond in not only performance but quality as well. We highly anticipate that our review sample, the XFX nForce®; 680i LT SLI will continue to follow this same lofty tradition. No related posts. Read More »

Mushkin XP2-6400 4GB Kit

  Today it is our pleasure at Bjorn3D to present our take on Mushkin’s XP2-6400 4GB DDR2 memory kit. Is it the highest performance 4GB overclocking kit available? Did Mushkin’s emphsis on quality transcend to this product? Read on my friends and the answer to these and many other questions you may have will be revealed! No related posts. Read More »

Acronis True Image Home 10

  The question is are you willing to risk it? Well I’m not! Since that unfortunate day I have been Chairman of the Board in the “School of Backup”. Along the way I have used several products to facilitate to facilitate my peace of mind, for the last three years I have put all of my eggs in the Acronis basket and have yet to have one cracked. Please join me today as we at Bjorn3d review Acronis’s latest release of their home based product, Acronis True Image 10. We’ll be using build 4942 which is the latest product update released on March 12, 2007. No related posts. Read More »

AVB USB 2.0 Mobile 4GB Drive

  We were recently contacted by AVB, a subsidiary of Anko/American Anko, a company that is well known for making precision gaming controllers and other high tech electronic devices. AVB explained that they had a brand new dual channel, SLC flash drive with a 4GB capacity that they felt we’d really enjoy reviewing. After reading their specs we agreed! Today we’ll find out if the specs transcend from paper to the finished product, the AVB USB 2.0 Mobile Drive. No related posts. Read More »

Foxconn 8800 GTX Graphics Card

  When I was contacted by Issac Poon, Marketing Manager for Foxconn’s Channel Division about reviewing this card I wasn’t the least bit hesitant! I knew that given their vast experience in the OEM market that their retail product would more than likely be superior. Join us today as we run the Foxconn model FV-N88XMAD2-OD 8800 GTX graphics card through its paces and confirm if my thoughts are true. No related posts. Read More »


  From our rather extensive experience doing XFX® product reviews we’ve seen this corporate philosophy transcend from merely words into a series of excellent, highly polished digital wonders that go a step beyond in not only performance but quality as well. We are highly anticipative that our review sample, the XFX®GeForce™ 8800 GTX XXX will continue to follow this same tradition. No related posts. Read More »


  We thought it would be fun to test and detail the similarities and differences of several products that fit in this genre of “flash drive” in one single review. Please join us as we explore the performance, intricacies, and issues with the: OCZ Rally2 2GB USB 2.0 Dual Channel Flash Memory Drive, OCZ Roadster 1 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, and the OCZ 2GB 80X Secure Digital Dual Memory Card. No related posts. Read More »

ETASIS ET850, 850 Watt Power Supply

  I received the ETASIS ET850 850 Watt power supply a few days before Christmas and immediately began to wonder if part 2 of my daydream; “meets the needs of the needs of the greater majority of my readers at a price that everyone could afford”, would be affirmed. Please join me as we explore this product in great detail and see if this entire scenario is surreal, or if perhaps sometimes dreams really do come true. No related posts. Read More »

Mushkin XP2-8500 DDR2

  Today that may all change and I may be procuring this reference sample as my new reference memory to use as I will be reviewing the Redline XP2-8000’s big brother, XP2-8500. This time we’ll testing the memory’s performance with an Intel Core 2 Duo based system whose components are tried and true and should easily be able to push the XP2-8500 to its potential and beyond. Please join me to see if we have another winner on or hands or just another contender. No related posts. Read More »

ATI Radeon X1950XTX CrossFire

  Please join me at Bjorn3D’s Southeastern US test facility (my computer room) where we’ll take the ATI® X1950XTX CrossFire™ edition to its limits. It is our plan to test this card in comparison with the two fastest single GPU graphics cards currently on the market. Is it a fair test pitting a dual GPU graphics solution against ones with effectively only half the processing power? We’ll soon see! No related posts. Read More »

ASUS P5W64WS Professional Motherboard

  The story doesn’t exactly end here, about ten days ago I received a call from Scott, one of my bosses at Bjorn3D, asking if I wanted to review the P5W64 WS Professional. Guess what I said? So here we are today ready to put this baby through its paces. Oh! I guess you can readily understand which motherboard I’ll be comparing the P5W64 WS Professional to in the testing phase of this review. Did I make the right purchase decision? We’ll soon see! No related posts. Read More »

NVIDIA 8000 GPU/VPU: An Introduction

  When planning for this mammoth task we decided the best approach would be to prepare one additional introductory article expressing what NVIDIA® brings to the table from a technology, Physics, and general usage standpoint for each of the products we’ll being presenting. The article will be a consortium of facts supplied by NVIDIA® and will express no opinions, rather it will simply act as adjunct to the accompanying reviews. No related posts. Read More »

Leadtek Winfast PX8800 GTX TDH

  Well today’s launch day and we were graciously supplied the Winfast®PX8800 GTX TDH by Leadtek. Please join with me now as we put this card through its paces and determine in fact if it’s just a snack for the gamer to munch on, or an entire seven course meal of graphics delight. No related posts. Read More »

Antec Nine Hundred Advanced Gaming Case

  All that gibberish that I just regurgitated is actually a preface to the new product we just received for review, the Antec® Nine Hundred Advanced Gaming Case. This case on paper offers a tremendous amount of airflow and is targeted at the gaming market. Our intent with this review is to make it much more detailed than usual. We will explore aesthetics, construction, air flow dynamics, noise levels, and last but certainly not least functionality. Please join us for what we hope will be our best and most in-depth work to date which we feel will set the standard for all our future enclosure reviews. No related posts. Read More »

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