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Leadtek Winfast® PX7950 GT TDH Extreme

  Please join with us as we review the Leadtek Winfast® PX7950 GT TDH Extreme, 512MB video card. We’ve got a much more extensive agenda than usual in mind for this product as well as two other cards in the 7900 series to compare it with. Will we still call this card “EXTREME” after a foray in our test facilities or will we refer to it with less flattering terms? Why not join us and find out! No related posts. Read More »

Zippy-Emacs PSL-6850P(G1) 850 Watt Power Supply

  So much for the trials and tribulations of obtaining the product! Please join me as we submit the Zippy PSL-6850P(G1) 850 Watt PSU to the our extremely thorough Bjorn3D scrutiny. The question remains will this be my new reference PSU for SLI and Crossfire testing or will it make a nice paper weight? Read on and ye shall be informed! No related posts. Read More »

OCZ Platinum 7200 EPP DDR-2 Memory

  Well so much for explanation and speculation! Please join me as we attempt to discern with a high degree of objectivity how well OCZ has meshed NVIDIA’s EPP profile into their Platinum 7200 EPP modules. I assure you we’ll leave no table unturned and after reading this review you should be able to readily determine: 1) If this technology fits your needs and the needs of future patrons of our art; 2)  If you’re ready to invest your hard earned $$$ in these memory modules; and 3)  If you feel this technology is worthy of being included as one of the many JEDEC standards. No related posts. Read More »

Noctua NH-U12F CPU Cooler & NF-S12-1200 Fan

  Once the product arrived at my doorstep I gingerly picked it up as not to damage what I sincerely hoped was the final long-lasting cure to my ailment. What follows is my description of just how this cure was implemented to stem the rising temperature issues associated with my disease. Will this product, the Noctua NH-U12F, cure my ills or will I lapse into the final stages of this deadly disease? Join me and we’ll soon find out! No related posts. Read More »

Seagate Barracuda ES

  Today we have the good fortune to the latest iteration of Seagate’s work, the 750GB Barracuda ES SATA drive, an enterprise level drive that boasts many new features. Please join me in the Bjorn3D lab where we fully intend to rigorously test this device with the intent of determining if the adorned title of being #1 transcended from Seagate the company into the production of this drive. No related posts. Read More »

XFX GeForce 7950 GT XT

  Will the XFX’s “silent approach” in their design of the 7950 GT be a flash-in-the-pan idea that in a few months is a distant memory or will it truly be a fleeting glimpse of what the future has to offer. Join me today in Bjorn3D lab while we put this card through it’s paces to find out for sure. I will assure you that shy of running this card in a fanless case we will have no mercy pursuant to its new design. At the end you can be the judge! No related posts. Read More »

XFX GeForce 7900 GS XT

  So much for history! Today, September 6th, 2006 is a new day and a special one at that. NVIDIA® along with XFX® are launching a new product, the GeForce7900 GS. The GeForce 7900 GS is the latest addition to the GeForce 7 family, and raises the performance bar in the $199 price range for the gaming enthusiast market segment. Please join us as we too launch our own extensive review of the XFX® GeForce™ 7900 GS XT edition to determine if it fits both your needs and pocketbook. No related posts. Read More »


  All that being said, I invite you to join me today as we review one of the newest contenders on the block, the Asus® P5NSLI. This board is not only the newest kid on the block, but it’s different from the standpoint it’s the first released version of a Conroe™ motherboard based on the NVIDIA® 570 chipset. Will it be the panacea everyone’s been looking? Let’s venture forth without further ado and find out! No related posts. Read More »

Acronis True Image Workstation Version 9.1

  Given the sheer scope and magnitude of this task I began to question whether the home version of Acronis True Image would facilitate the imaging tasks I was planning using a number of different RAID formats on several different computers. A short visit to the Acronis website revealed a product in their “Corporate/Enterprise Product” line that appeared to be perfect for the tasks at hand, Acronis True Image Workstation, version 9.1. Please join me today as I test the capabilities of this product to see if it will truly measure up and keep my previous “lily white impression” of Acronis products in tact. No related posts. Read More »

Swift To Do List Version 5.10

  >Today we’re going to take an extensive look at Swift To-Do List version 5.10 engineered by Dextronet Smart Software. An overview of this product’s advertised features suggests that it would readily meet the needs of both the user involved in home projects as well the small to medium sized business user. Please join us while we dissect each of these features to find out if they’re accurately depicted or simply marketing hype. No related posts. Read More »

VisionTek Radeon X1600XT 512MB AGP

  Today we’ll have an opportunity to see if the resurrection of the AGP video card, even if its only a temporary measure was a sound move on the part of at least one of the manufacturers involved. Join us as we investigate the latest AGP release from VisionTek®, the Radeon™ X1600XT 512MB XGE (Extreme Gamer Series)video card. No related posts. Read More »

Corsair CMPSU-620HX 620 Watt Power Supply

  Today we have the rare opportunity of reviewing a product before its actual release date. Corsair, a company well known to the entire enthusiast market for making some of the finest memory currently available has joined a few of its memory manufacturing brethren in moving into the manufacture and sales of power supplies. Corsair’s first two offerings consist of both a 520W and 620W watt PSU that offer most if not all of the bells and whistles currently available. Please join us while we review the Corsair’s CMPSU-620HX 620 watt power supply to see if this product fully warrants your consideration as a viable alternative to its considerably more expensive counterparts in the PSU arena. No related posts. Read More »

Verbatim 4GB Store ‘n’ Go USB Drive

  Today we’ll be reviewing a product that for lack of better terms I’ll call a hybrid USB drive, the Verbatim 4GB Store ‘n’ Go USB HD Drive. Why do I call it a hybrid? Read on and ye shall be enlightened on the answers to this and many other questions! No related posts. Read More »

Antec SOLO Case

  Today we are going to an in-depth look at the new Antec SOLO Case; the newest member of their LifeStyle Series of computer enclosures. In this review we’ll focus on determining how well this case fits each of the above captioned criteria which hopefully will answer most if not all of your questions about whether this case is right for you. We’ll also look at whether a case of this stature would solve the common complaints that ever present. No related posts. Read More »

Antec Neo HE 550 Power Supply

  Ok, I hope I’ve made my point that the days of determining your system’s power needs using the SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) approach are most certainly over. All things being said, it’s now review time; and the subject of today’s review is? You guessed it, a power supply and a high high quality one at that: The Antec® Neo HE 550 power supply. Join us while we investigate this unit’s performance and quality. No related posts. Read More »

Mushkin Redline XP2 8000 DDR2 SDRAM (Updated 7/08/2006)

  Now it is time to change hats and focus to that of the computer product analyst and get on with this review. Please join me while we thoroughly investigate if the quality and performance that belonged to its predecessors has transcended the years and been imparted to the Redline XP2-8000 DDR2 SDRAM, our topic of discussion today. No related posts. Read More »

RAID 2: A Look At The PCI Players

  So for purposes of clarification, today’s presentation will be part guide, part review, part article, and even include a mini shoot-out of the RAID controllers we have for comparison. Now that you’re totally confused please join us for what we feel is a very thorough investigation of RAID 2: A Look At The PCI Players. No related posts. Read More »

Leadtek WinFast 7950 GX2 TDH

  Please join me today as we determine if LeadTek’s quality of words captioned above stand tall and are transmitted into actions with one of their newest products, the LeadTek WinFast WinFast PX7950 GX2 TDH. No related posts. Read More »

XFX 7950 GX2 XXX

  We invite you to join Scott and I as we explore in detail the inner workings of GeForce 7950 GX2. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have garnered XFX’s top of the line “XXX” version of this card which comes from the factory with an default core clock of 570 MHz, and a combined memory clock of 1550 MHz for today’s review. No related posts. Read More »

Seagate 7200.10 750GB Hard Drive

  Enough of the “SWAGS” (Scientific Wild Ass Guesses); it’s time for some facts! Join Scott and I while we examine and hopefully discover the intricacies of Seagate’s latest and potentially greatest drive to date: the Barracuda 7200.10, 750 gigabyte hard drive. No related posts. Read More »

NVIDIA nForce 590 MCP

  Today I’ll be writing what one might call a prelude of things to come. The cool thing about it is that those “things to come” will be introduced today, namely the NVIDIA nForce®500 series of MCP that brings a huge amount of new and radically different technology to the table. Today’s article will center in on the nForce® 590 “Enthusiast” line of that product. No related posts. Read More »

Socket AM2 Overview & X2 5000+ Review

  The purpose of our article today is twofold. Our first mission is to give you, the consumer, some well deserved information on the features and results you can expect from the entire line of socket AM2 processors. Secondly, we’ll take a close look at the new socket AM2 X2 5000+ which along with its big brother the FX 62 sit atop the socket AM2 product line. No related posts. Read More »

Seagate NL35.2 Series, ST3500641NS 500GB drive

  “NL35 Series drives are not appropriate for true high duty-cycle enterprise workloads.” Hmmm! A niche market for drives or a stepping stone to the future? Please join me for a look at the Seagate ST3500641NS, 500 GB SATA 3Gb/s drive to ascertain if the differences this product brings to the table truly indicate this product’s future is as bright as the manufacturer’s literature suggests. No related posts. Read More »

Antec Performance CPU Cooler

  While well versed in cooling solutions, and even OEM production of several basic HSFs, to the best of my knowledge this is Antec’s first truly “High Performance” HSF to be marketed. Will it meet the mark necessary for success or fall short of the mark as first generation products often due? Join me and we’ll find out together. No related posts. Read More »

Antec Take 4 (4U Rackmount Enclosure)

  My initial thoughts were that Antec had arrived at a pleasant compromise between the utility of the previously mentioned server environment with a design that could be used effectively by the Computer Enthusiast. Please join me to see if those initial thoughts were accurate while we investigate the inner workings of the Antec’s Studio Series Take 4, 4U Rackmount Enclosure. No related posts. Read More »

OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 2GB Dual Channel Platinum XTC

  While my previous words echo respect for a company that is one of several that are Computer Enthusiast centered in their business focus, I have no preconceived or contrived notions about the product that I’ll be reviewing today. Join me in exploring in depth the OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 2x1024MB Dual Channel Platinum XTC memory modules. No related posts. Read More »

Thermaltake Matrix VX Case

  Thermaltake® Technology, Co. LTD, a Hong Kong based company burst onto the case, cooling, and computer accessory manufacturing scene in 1999. Thermaltake has been kind enough to furnish us with one of their newest products, the Matrix VX Case for review today. This case targets two very popular subsets of the computer case market, consumers looking for a light mid-tower case that is transportable enough to be taken to LAN parties. Please join us while we discuss the inner workings of this attractive all aluminum case. No related posts. Read More »

VisionTek Xtasy Theater 550 Pro MCE Edition

  About 10 days ago, I was surprised when a VisionTek™ Xtasy™ Theater 550 Pro™ MCE Edition was delivered to my doorstep by the man in the brown truck. Needless to say, I was ecstatic at the opportunity to ascertain whether the purported facts I had read were simply hype or truly factual. Today, it’s my pleasure to share that investigation with you. No related posts. Read More »

Seasonic Power Angel Review

  So today we’re going to give you the scoop on what those uses are and how directly or indirectly this tool may help you not only in checking out your computer system’s power needs but also almost any electrical device you have, with certain limitations of course. No related posts. Read More »

AKVIS Noise Buster Review

  AKVIS Noise Buster is a plug-in that works with the the above captioned video editors as well as many others to reputedly help reduce and smooth the ill effects that digital noise creates in your photos and other digital imagery. No related posts. Read More »

XFX REVO64 NC3000 Gamer’s Edition

  I had several reviews to do before this product but found myself daily being intrigued by the X-shaped box sitting on the shelf just begging for attention. Today I finally had the opportunity to open that box and dive head first into what turned out to be a very detailed and comprehensive review of the XFX REVO64 SPU, NC3000 Gamer’s Edition. No related posts. Read More »

SilverStone SST-ST56F Power Supply

  This year we’ll see power requirements increase even higher as the technology will move from currently supporting a maximum of two GPUs to four and possibly beyond. Today we are going to review the SilverStone ST56F 560 watt power supply, a member of SilverStone’s Strider Series of power supplies. No related posts. Read More »

Antec P150 Case Review

  Today we are going to take an in-depth look at Antec’s P150 Case; the newest member of its Performance One line of computer enclosures. In this review, we hopefully will answer most if not all of your questions about whether this case is right for you. No related posts. Read More »

MERC Gaming Keyboard Review

  It is indeed my pleasure to share with you today my impressions of the “new and yet to be released” ZBoard MERC Gaming Keyboard from Ideazon (ZBoard). No related posts. Read More »

RAID: A Guide For All … Part 1

  Most of the newer motherboards provide one or more onboard RAID controllers capable of delivering configurations up to and including RAID 5. My goal is to give our readers from beginner to expert a guide that will benefit them. No related posts. Read More »

Leadtek WinFast Novo TV

  The Leadtek WinFast NOVO TV is closely akin to it’s richer cousin the recently reviewed Walkie TV. Today we’ll find out which product is best for your needs.. No related posts. Read More »

XG Viper 2 Case Review

  Gaming and its associated accessories is a huge multi-million dollar industry. Let’s move on to the “case at hand”, the XG Products Viper 2, the second generation of their popular gaming case. No related posts. Read More »

Leadtek WinFast Walkie TV Review

  Leadtek Research, Inc. well known for their line of video cards also manufactures TV capture devices. It is indeed our fortune to review their newest external capture systems, the WinFast Walkie TV. No related posts. Read More »

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