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NZXT Premium Extension Cables

Achieving the ‘Million Dollar PC’ look with your build might have just gotten easier. We review NZXT’s sleeved premium cables to see if they provide that ‘Million Dollar PC’ look. No related posts. Read More »

Asus Matrix 5870 Platinum (MATRIX 5870 P/2DIS/2GD5)

Asus HD 5870 Matrix Platinum comes at 900MHz overclocking of the GPU core, 2GB GDDR5 memory and plenty of features that hardcore overclockers are looking for in a video card. Does the 2GB memory matters or the GPU speed matters, let’s find out. No related posts. Read More »

OCZ Vertex 2 100GB SSD

The OCZ Vertex 2 uses the new SandForce SF-1200 controller and proprietary OCZ firmware. That firmware allows for up to 50K IOPS making it the fastest MLC SSD we’ve tested. No related posts. Read More »

Eagle Tech Arion ET-AR506-BK

Eagle Tech Arion ET-AR506-BK has an elegant looks and good specification for a stereo speaker. But how well does it sound in the real-world testing? Let’s find out. No related posts. Read More »

OCZ Solid 2

We compare the latest budget SSD from OCZ, the Solid 2, that is based on the Indilinx Barefoot controller to the mechanical hard drives in RAID configuration. Let’s find out if it is time to dump that big and heavy 3.5” hard drives for a smaller and faster SSD. No related posts. Read More »

Patriot Gamer Series DDR3 4 GB 1600MHz

  Adding memory is an easy way to upgrade your computer. This RAM is specifically built to take advantage of an AMD Black Edition based system. This RAM certainly looks like the ticket if you are searching for an affordable memory upgrade for your AMD system. No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte HD5870 Super Overclock

Gigabyte’s SOC GPU’s with Gauntlet screening selecting only the best GPU cores and Hynix or Samsung Tier one GDDR5 just got better. With OC Guru you can also add Voltage to you OC. No related posts. Read More »

AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE

  AMD always likes to show its followers that it cares about every market segment. This is why they have decided to release a new Black Edition dual core to try and best the X2 550. Lets see how it compares. No related posts. Read More »

Silverstone Fortress Series FT02

Silverstone’s Raven cases introduced a special vertical air circulation we have never seen on PC cases before. The new Fortress Series FT02 case also uses the new vertical air circulation. No related posts. Read More »

HornetTek Phantom: 2.5” Multimedia Player

HornetTek Phantom is a network media player that let you plaback your digital contents to your TV up to 1080p. A wide range of video, music, and image formats are supported with the ability to seemingless integraetd into your network via wired or wireless connection. No related posts. Read More »

Photography 101

Ever wonder how us reviewers take our pictures? Well lets step inside and see one way of doing this No related posts. Read More »

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T and ASUS Crosshair IV Formula

Today AMD has released their first set of 6-core CPU’s: the Phenom II X6 1090T and the AMD Phenom II 1055T. We have of taken a X6 1090T and run a battery of tests with it to see what those extra cores and features means for a normal user. We also have tested the new AMD 890FX chipset on a ASUS Crosshair IV Formula motherboard. No related posts. Read More »


The PNY GTX-470 features great performance at a more affordable price than the GTX-480 and carries a Lifetime Warranty. No related posts. Read More »

GSkill ECO 1600 MHz memory

GSkill has come up with a set of ‘Green’ memory that operates at below JEDEC standards of 1.55 volts, without sacrificing frequency and timings. No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte Intel P55 OC Challenge – The finals

On the 10th of April 9 European teams compteted in the finals of the Gigabyte Intel P55 OC Challenge. Bjorn3D was there to follow the finals and see who eventually would come out on top and win the whole competition. No related posts. Read More »


The Asus EAH5850 TOP is a great higher end card geared for people who like cool and quiet and yet love to over clock and push their hardware to the max if youÂ’re one of those people this card is 100% for you. No related posts. Read More »

QNAP TS-439 Pro

QNAP TS-439 Pro is a 4-bay NAS that is designed with a plenty of features yet it does not cost you an arm and leg. We compare it against the more expensive TS-809 Pro to see how much performance difference between the two units. No related posts. Read More »

NZXT Hades

  A case is very important when buying a new computer. An efficient case design can lower the temperature of your components considerably, and give them a longer life. No related posts. Read More »

Seagate Savvio 10K.4 HDs & LSI 3Ware 9750-8i RAID Card

The Seagate Savvio 10K.4 Serial Attached SCSI hard drives are the first to be the largest capacity (600GB), and smallest form factor (2.5 ”) server hard drives available, making capacity and speed an issue of the past for server based systems. No related posts. Read More »

Jelfin Gel Covered Mouse

The Jelfin gel covered mouse is a 1000 DPI 3 button mouse with a twist. A Gel covered twist. Is it a gimmick or a gadget more than a mouse? No related posts. Read More »

Thermaltake PWB 100

If that original CPU water block on your ThermalTake Big Water set up, is not cutting it. well then we got a perfect candidate for you. No related posts. Read More »

Technocel Ear Vibe

Looking for a little more than just sound from your ear buds? Check out the Technocel Ear Vibe which provides crystal clear sound and vibrates with the bass in the music. No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte 790XT-USB3

  Gigabyte has just released an update to the 790 X chipset line. This update includes SATA 6 Gb/s, and USB3 which brings the 790 X chipset into the next generation. No related posts. Read More »

Nvidia GTX-480 (Fermi, GF100)

The long awaited Fermi GTX-480 is in the Lab. Benchmarks have been flying by like never before. GTX-480 looks very very good. Peek at the review and stop reading those rumors. No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R

Gigabyte has another motherboard that supports SATA III, USB III, plus USB Power III on an X58 chipset. But thats not all they did, they also made this motherboard affordable. No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte 790FXTA-UD5

  AMD has just released their 890 GX chipset, but if you still crave full 16x Crossfire and can’t wait for the 890 FX then this might be what you are looking for. No related posts. Read More »

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