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HighPoint RocketRAID 3120

RAID has become the standard features found in almost all moderm motherboards. Many of these RAID controller on the motherbards are software based (or more correctly, hardware-assisted software based). These software based RAIDs usually are not as flexible as a true hardware RAID and do not perform as well as a true hardware RAID. However, these RAIDs are cheap and easy to implement. Hardware RAIDs are expensive but today we are going to take a look at one of the cheapest hardware based RAID controller–the HighPoint RocketRAID 3120. Join us as we put this controller through the tests. No related posts. Read More »


  Needless to say when GIGABYTE offered us their newest 8800GT TurboForce edition graphics card for review we were elated. We plan to find out if extreme performance and energy savings are mutually exclusive of one another or if the two can effective coexist in harmony. No related posts. Read More »

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is the perfect blend of Indiana Jones, Gears of War and Tomb Raider. While short it is fun as long as it lasts. No related posts. Read More »

Thermaltake Bigwater 760i

Ready to take the plunge into water cooling but not sure how to do it? Thermaltake would like to offer their all-in-one kit dubbed the Bigwater 760i as a solution. Making it easy for all of us to switch to water is one thing but offering a competitive kit at a competitive price is another. Can Thermaltake pull it off? No related posts. Read More »

PowerColor HD 3650 512M GDDR3 Xtreme PCS

AMD has recently released the HD 3000 series cards. The cards are ranging from top of the line HD 3800 for gamers, HD 3600 for mainstream/budger users, and HD 3400 for value users. Today, join us as we are going to take a look at HD 3650 Xtreme from PowerColor. This card carries factory overclock and comes with modification from reference design. Let’s see how well it performs. No related posts. Read More »

Leadtek 8800 GT 256MB aka G92

The sample I’ve tested costs roughly $215 bucks while the 512 MB model positions itself at around $250-260 dollars. Personally I’d rather pay the difference and not worry about staggering at higher resolutions with applied 4AA / 16AF. No related posts. Read More »


Take this already fast graphics card and put it in the hands of Asus, who is known for taking the best and making it even better and you have the product we will be reviewing, the Asus® GeForce® EN8800GTS TOP. No related posts. Read More »

AutumnWave OnAir GT (USB HDTV Tuner)

AutumnWave OnAir HDTV TV Tuner is aimed toward users who uses notebook as their primary PC or who needs to watch TV on the run. Of course, you can also use this tuner with your desktop as well. Join us as we test this tuner and see if it’s performance justifies its high premium pricing. No related posts. Read More »

Thermaltake Muse X-Duo Raid

Thermaltake is mostly know for their power supplies and cases but they have now also entered the NAS-market with the Muse X-Duo Raid. We’ve spent a few eventfull months testing the unit to find out how good it actually is. No related posts. Read More »

PC-Doctor, Inc. Always on call

The doctor is in! PC Doctor’s Service Center 6 is here. Is it worth the price of the office co-pay, or just as stale as the 6 month old magazines in the waiting room? Come inside and check it out as we scrutinize this diagnostic kit! No related posts. Read More »


Today AMD is announcing their latest video card in the HD3000 series: the HD3870X2. This board is special as it comes with two HD3870 GPU’s onboard. No related posts. Read More »

Ultra X2 750W Extreme Titanium

The Ultra 750W X2 Extreme delivers power, low noise and a mirror. That’s right, I said a mirror. Ok, so it is a “titanium” case that, when you look at it, you can see yourself, a mirror. It is also completely modular down to the 24 pin power connector for the motherboard. No related posts. Read More »

Aeneon Xtune DDR3-1333

DDR3 not only brings with it new levels of performance but also energy savings. With only 1.5v of juice needed to power this RAM at speed up to 1500 MHz it may just be the RAM to power your next rig. Does it have what it takes to earn a spot in your machine? Let’s break it all down. No related posts. Read More »

AMD HD34X0 and HD3650

Today AMD is revealing the successors to the successful HD2400 and HD2600 cards, the HD34x0 and the HD36x0. While we have not yet been able to test one of these puppies we in this brief article will go over the specifications and the new features of the cards. No related posts. Read More »

ASUS Maximus Formula (Non-SE): An Aircooling Delight

  Today we intend to not only review the ASUS® Maximus Formula but perform the review using a somewhat different approach that we hope is a precursor to something really unique and exciting for our readers. We’ll detail the changes we’ve made when we get to the “Testing Methodology” section of the review where the change actually are implemented. Up until then the format of our review of the Maximus formula will remain essentially the same. Please join us in our pursuit of presenting the Maximus Formula from a much broader and complete perspective. No related posts. Read More »

Plextor PX-PH160US

The Plextor PX-PH160US is a small and stylish external hard drive that comes with both a USB 2.0 and a eSATA interface. No related posts. Read More »

Crucial Ballistix DDR3-1600

Crucial is back with their Ballistix line of RAM modules. The difference? DDR2 is out and DDR3 is here. Let’s see if this new memory technology has what it takes to earn the Ballistix name. No related posts. Read More »

ULTRA Stackable

Ultra Stackable, a family of computer peripherals that include a power center, external storage, and media readers, will be the focus of today’s review. This family of peripherals are aim to simply the need for wall sockets with the included power supply. Join us as we take a look at the Ultra Stackable to see if the Stackable can be a part of the solution to your cable clutters.. No related posts. Read More »

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Although the Strogg are more technologically superior than humans, it doesn’t mean that humans have the disadvantage. Or does it? Will the Global Defence Force be able to defend our world or will the human race become food or worse, biological parts, for the Strogg? The fate of Earth and the human race are at the mercy of you and your fingertips. Let’s find out how this game stacks up. No related posts. Read More »

Corsair TX750W Power Supply

Today we are taking a look at the 750 watt version from the Corsair TX line of power supplies, designed for PC enthusiasts looking for a great product at a great price. No related posts. Read More »

iPod Touch 16 GB

When the iPhone was revealed many users hoped that Apple would release a similar looking iPod. Apple did not dissapoint today we are reviewing the iPod Touch – a MP3 player that is filled with cool features (while forgetting others). No related posts. Read More »

Thermaltake Armor+

There aren’t many refresh / kicker products around that receive such high scores as this Thermaltake case. It’s worth checking it out! No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L

The Gigabyte P31-DS3L motherboard is a relatively unknown budget motherboard, but not just any budget motherboard. The P31-DS3L offers all the performance and overclocking one would expect from a full board but without all the price, and still does not skimp on features. Is this the perfect low price Intel chipset motherboard? Read on to find out… No related posts. Read More »

VisionTek TV Wonder 650PCIe

If you have gotten the HDTV lately, you would know how great the image is compare to the old analog signals. In fact, you can watch HD contents on your computer as well and even receive the free over-the-air signals. Today, we are taking a closer look at the VisionTek TV Wonder 650 PCIe, a HDTV tuner card that functions as a personal video recorder. Check out our review to see what’s our take on this product. No related posts. Read More »

AMD Phenom 9600: Black Edition

Today, we at Bjorn3D have the pleasure of reviewing the first of the Phenom family of processors to be released for sale to the public sector, the Phenom 9600. This processor will be sold in two versions; the Standard Edition with a multiplier locked above its 11.5X standard and the Black Edition which has a completely unlocked multiplier. Our review will be conducted using the Black Edition and for added flavor we’ll include benchmarks and statistics from the Phenom 9900 engineering sample AMD was kind enough to include. No related posts. Read More »

Asus Maximus Extreme

With a name like Maximus Extreme you’d better be ready to walk the walk. Does Asus have what it takes with their newest offering built atop the X38 chipset or is it all show and no go? No related posts. Read More »

SilverStone KL02

SilverStone has always offered high quality cases to the community. Does their newest mid-range offering, the KL02, carry that same level of craftsmanship? Let’s find out. No related posts. Read More »

XFX 8800 GTS 512 XXX Alpha Dog

Coming on the heels of the hugely successful 8800GT, XFX ups the ante with their newest offering; the 8800GTS XXX 512. Is XFX bluffing or should everyone else just fold in their hand? No related posts. Read More »

Mushkin XP2-6400 4GB Memory Kit

  Today it is our pleasure at Bjorn3D to present our take on Mushkin’s XP2-6400 4GB DDR2 memory kit. This kit is very close in specification to its predecessor but operates at a lower VDimm and costs less than half of what its forerunner cost back when it was first reviewed. No related posts. Read More »

Visiontek HD2600 XT 256MB

Don’t have a lot of money but need something to get you by for a while? Maybe you need something better than that onboard video but don’t need something like a gamer might need. Might I offer the Visiontek ATI Radeon HD2600 XT 256mb. Cheap, dependable and has low power consumption. No related posts. Read More »


The 8800GT has received great praise since its inception. Asus jumps in the ring and ups the ante with a big factory overclock and a superb bundle. Does the 8800GT TOP deserve its name? Let’s find out. No related posts. Read More »

Ultra ULT40064 X3 1000 Watt Power Supply

  Today we are indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to review Ultra Product’s ULT40064 X3 1000 Watt power supply. It is our goal to use our real world testing methodologies coupled with a high-end test system to determine if this product will stand up to the the extreme rigors that enthusiasts tend to enjoy. Please join us in this endeavor. No related posts. Read More »

XFX 8800GT XXX 256MB Alpha Dog

In the sea of similarity, one company strives to break free. With factory overclocks, rock solid support and a double lifetime warranty, that company is XFX and this is the 8800GT 256MB XXX Alpha Dog. No related posts. Read More »

PowerColor HD 3850 Xtreme

We all like kicker SKUs. They are much cheaper than previous generations of products and bring at least one new feature — be it speed improvement or architectural change. This is exactly what PowerColor HD 3850 is about, but on top of it it’s Xtreme. No related posts. Read More »

Foxconn Mars

Foxconn jumped on the band wagon and made their first “overclocking” motherboard in their new Quantum Force product line called Mars. It is based on the Intel P35 chipset, and has been specially tuned for overclocking performance. Let’s see what it has to offer. No related posts. Read More »

Uniblue RegistryBooster 2

The registry is one of the most important parts of Windows. Inside it we find settings that make both Windows and other programs tick. RegistryBooster 2 from Uniblue is a program that promises to clean, repair and optimize the registry for you. We have tested it to see if it is worth its asking price. No related posts. Read More »

Ultra X3 800-watt Modular PSU

Ultra’s latest products have shown some serious innovation and Voltron-like intercompatability. The X3 800-watt modular PSU is another fine example of synergistic design that augments the unique Power Bar feature in certain Ultra cases, and the unit blends topnotch build quality with a great efficiency rating and modular capability. If you’re in the market for a new PSU, any member of the X3 line should join your short list. No related posts. Read More »

Antec NeoPower 650 Blue

The Antec NeoPower line features power supplies ranging from 380 watts to 650 watts, all with three 12V rails, modular cable designs and high effiency in mind. No related posts. Read More »

HighPoint External RAID

Need an external storage with the ability to have the performance and data fault tolerance of RAID? If so, check out our review on the HighPoint Technologies’s RocketRAID 2314MS and 2224. These two controllers are designed to offer you the best bang for the buck with your external storage needs. Check out our review as we put them through the test. No related posts. Read More »

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