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Leadtek WinFast PX6800 GT TDH (GeForce 6800 GT)

The Leadtek WinFast PX6800 GT TDH is a great high-end video card for anyone looking for one, especially if you want potentially great overclocking right out of the box. To help consumers see what they get for about twice the price, this review takes a look this GeForce 6800 GT card from Leadtek and compares it to a GeForce 6600 GT card. No related posts. Read More »

nForce4 SLI, Real World System

In this article, we look to see how an nForce4 SLI system with all our day-to-day software installed performs. This means no clean hard drive install to see just how fast it is under “real world” conditions. So let’s look the nForce4 system and see how it does. No related posts. Read More »

Ultra Products PC3200 XL 2-2-2 DDR Memory

Ultra Products takes advantage of the apparent abundance of Samsung TCCD ICs and releases some new low latency DDR. The PC3200 XL memory offers great performance and excellent overclocking. Ultra is set to make a name for itself in the memory industry if it can keep releasing RAM this good. No related posts. Read More »

Sunbeam Transformer Case

Cases have come a long way from being beige and boring. In this review, we are looking at a case that brings back the memories of the Transformer robots as well as provides some nice features in the case. No related posts. Read More »

Sapphire Radeon X800 XL

The Sapphire X800 XL steps in to be a real strong competitor against the GeForce 6800 GT, and these two cards cost about the same in stores. As long as you don’t have your heart set on SLI and have $400, I can definitely recommend the Sapphire X800 XL. Read the review to find out more! No related posts. Read More »

Foxconn WinFast NF4UK8AA-8EKRS nForce4 Ultra Motherboard

The Foxconn WinFast NF4UK8AA-8EKRS nForce4 Ultra motherboard is an affordable solution that offers a lot of great features and good performance. If you’re looking into upgrading to socket 939 and don’t want to break the bank, then check out this review. No related posts. Read More »

Jetart JACSH1 VGA Cooler

We all need that little extra help in cooling down our VGA cards and hopefully, gain the extra headroom for some more speed. We’ve taken a look at Jetart’s JACSH1 VGA Cooler to see what it can do for NVIDIA and ATI cards. No related posts. Read More »

Seagate 100GB Portable External HDD

Looking for a little extra storage that your USB flash drive just can’t provide? How’s 100GB at your fingertips sound? Seagate’s USB 2.0 Portable External HDD just may be exactly what you are looking for. No related posts. Read More »

HIS X700 Pro IceQ Turbo VIVO

If you’re looking for a new ATI-based PCI Express video card and you’re into overclocking, HIS has something that you might want to take a look at – the X700 Pro IceQ Turbo VIVO. This board a great cooler that is also very quiet. And this board can approach X700 XT clock speeds with the push of a button in HIS’s iTurbo application. No related posts. Read More »

OCZ 520W ModStream Power Supply

Modular power supplies have been causing quite the commotion lately, and OCZ has stepped forward to introduce their ModStream unit. Featuring modular connections, quiet but effective cooling, and a great look, the ModStream is not to be passed by in the search for a new power supply. No related posts. Read More »

Sunbeam Chameleon

Set different colors each day, show it off to your friends or don’t let your inmates sleep at night. Even with tall tower cases, you shouldn’t have problems with positioning your lights the way you want it. No related posts. Read More »

Seagate 5GB Pocket Hard Drive

The Pocket Hard Drive from Seagate offers a lot of storage at a great price. If you don’t need the really small size of today’s USB flash drives but still want something that can fit in the palm of your hand, then you should really take a look at the Pocket Hard Drive. It offers a lot of bang for your buck! No related posts. Read More »

Thermaltake PurePower 680W Power Supply

The Thermaltake PurePower 680W is a really quiet, powerful and flexible power supply. The flexibility comes from the plethora of connectors that are found on this unit, including two PCI Express, four SATA and ten Molex. Check out our review of this high quality offering from Thermaltake. No related posts. Read More »

ATI Radeon X850 XT PE and X800 XL

With the $299 Radeon X800XL ATI tries to strike back at NVIDIA’s successful GeForce 6800GT cards. We’ve taken this card as well as the new top-of-the-line Radeon X850XT PE for a spin to see what they are capable of. No related posts. Read More »

Corsair Rev2 PC3200XL 2-2-2 Memory (TWINX1024-3200XL)

Corsair isn’t one to sit back and rest after success. It’s highly awarded XL 2-2-2 memory has been very popular, but Corsair felt it needed improving a bit. With a slightly tweaked and improved PCB, a new 3200XL module is upon us, and it should result in higher overclocks. Check out this review to see if it does. No related posts. Read More »

Matrix Orbital MX421 LCD Kit

Matrix Orbital has clearly brought to the table one of the most capable multipurpose expansion devices on the market. Far exceeding the capability of most fan controllers and other similar devices, the MX4 series of LCD kits gives plenty of capability out of the box – and beyond. Check out this look at the MX421 and the cool LCDC software that runs the show. No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler Pro (GH-PCU22-VG)

Gigabyte is still making a name for itself in the cooling market, but it keeps making progress with each new cooler released. Check out this review of 3D Rocket Cooler Pro, a unique “universal” HSF that can be used in all of the current popular sockets. It even includes manual fan speed control. No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte GeForce 6600 GT (GV-NX66T128D)

If you’re looking for a great bang-for-your-buck video card, then you’re in luck. The Gigabyte GV-NX66T128D features NVIDIA’s GeForce 6600 GT GPU, which performs very well for a graphics chip seen on boards in the under $200 price segment. And Gigabyte throws in two games just for good measure. Read this review to see if this Gigabyte board is what you were looking for after all. No related posts. Read More »

DFI LANParty UT 915P-T12 Motherboard

DFI LANParty UT 915P-T12 offers some very unique and innovative features, like CMOS Reloaded and a Karajan audio daughter card to make the already good Azalia sound even better. Recent reviews have shown this to be one of the top overclocking 915P boards around. Check out the review to learn more about this exciting offering from DFI. No related posts. Read More »

Matrix Orbital MX222 LCD Kit

Looking for that final mod to push your case over the edge. Hey, why not make it interactive and flashy at the same time! Check out Matrix Orbital’s MX222 LCD screen to see if you want to show your stuff where everyone can see it. No related posts. Read More »

D-Link Gigabit Wired/108Mbps Wireless Gaming Network

D-Link sent me some equipment to set up and test out as a “gaming network.” This equipment included an 802.11g 108Mbps wireless router, an 802.11g 108Mbps wireless bridge, a 10/100 switch, a Gigabit switch and a couple Gigabit NICs. This setup provides wireless connectivity and super fast speeds for PC LAN and console gaming. Read on to find out more! No related posts. Read More »

Albatron GeForce 6800 GT

GT should stand for Good Times because that is what you are going to get when you use a 6800 GT graphics card. Take a look at the latest and greatest from Albatron and see if you want to add a last second gift to your Christmas list. No related posts. Read More »

Thermaltake Shark Case

Thermaltake is not a fresh fish to the PC enthusiast market, and they really show it with their new Shark case. Its sleek design, lightweight aluminum, and tool-free design help it cut its way through the competition. No related posts. Read More »

VisionTek XTASY X800 XT

The VisionTek XTASY X800 XT is a great card that offers all the awesome performance you’d expect plus VIVO features with HDTV support. While the bundle is boring, the rest of what this card offers is definitely not. No related posts. Read More »

Bjorn3D 2004 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are upon us, and Bjorn3D is here to help you decide which gifts to give to your tech-savvy friends and relatives. Or to yourself, of course. No related posts. Read More »

mCubed T-Balancer

The mCubed T-Balancer is not your average fan controller. With support for up to 8 digital sensors and the ability to program 4 fans separately, the fan controller could be the dream of anyone who needs to make his/her computer silent. We’ve put it to the test to see how it really works. No related posts. Read More »

WinTasks 5 Professional

WinTasks 5 Professional from LiUtilities promises to give you a peek under the hood of your computer. We’ve taken it on a test drive to see how usefull it is. No related posts. Read More »

ABIT AG8 915P Motherboard

The AG8 motherboard from ABIT is based on Intel’s 915P chipset and includes plenty of nice features, like ABIT’s innovative µGuru utility, four SATA ports, three IEEE1394 ports, 5.1 audio and more. Check out how this board compares to its big brother, the ABIT AA8 DuraMAX (a 925X board). No related posts. Read More »

Thermaltake BigWater Watercooling Kit

If you are ready to step into the world of watercooling, and don’t want the hassle of putting together a custom rig, check out the Thermaltake BigWater. The BigWater may just give you the performance you need, the ease of installation you want, all at a price you can afford. No related posts. Read More »

Kingston DataTraveler Elite 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Kingston Technology offers a full line of USB flash drives. The DataTraveler Elite represents the company’s high end in this line. It offers very fast data transfer rates and cool features, making it worth a look for anyone who wants a serious flash drive. Check out this review to see what makes the DataTraveler Elite such a good flash drive. No related posts. Read More »

Lite-On SOHW-1633S (Dual Layer DVD Burner)

With DVD±R/W drives quickly becoming ubiquitous, the market is saturated with different products, and it seems like nearly everyone is getting into the DVD burning fray. Read this review of the Lite-On SOHW-1633S to see if it could meet your needs. No related posts. Read More »

Antec Phantom 350W PSU

Silent, but not deadly, the Antec Phantom PSU will keep quiet, but keep your PC kicking with 350W of perfect power. Shhhhhh….can you hear that???….me neither!! No related posts. Read More »

Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 Memory

Crucial has finally entered the enthusiast memory market and has made quite a splash with its Ballistix line. This review covers Crucial’s current flagship DDR2 modules rated at 667MHz (PC2-5300). Two 512MB modules go up against Corsair’s PC2-5400 1GB TwinX kit. No related posts. Read More »

UPS Roundup: In The Eye Of The Storm

There’s nothing like a series of natural disasters to convince you that a backup power source is an excellent investment! Join us for a look at four different UPS models. No related posts. Read More »

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