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Thermaltake BigWater Watercooling Kit

If you are ready to step into the world of watercooling, and don’t want the hassle of putting together a custom rig, check out the Thermaltake BigWater. The BigWater may just give you the performance you need, the ease of installation you want, all at a price you can afford. No related posts. Read More »

Kingston DataTraveler Elite 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Kingston Technology offers a full line of USB flash drives. The DataTraveler Elite represents the company’s high end in this line. It offers very fast data transfer rates and cool features, making it worth a look for anyone who wants a serious flash drive. Check out this review to see what makes the DataTraveler Elite such a good flash drive. No related posts. Read More »

Lite-On SOHW-1633S (Dual Layer DVD Burner)

With DVD±R/W drives quickly becoming ubiquitous, the market is saturated with different products, and it seems like nearly everyone is getting into the DVD burning fray. Read this review of the Lite-On SOHW-1633S to see if it could meet your needs. No related posts. Read More »

Antec Phantom 350W PSU

Silent, but not deadly, the Antec Phantom PSU will keep quiet, but keep your PC kicking with 350W of perfect power. Shhhhhh….can you hear that???….me neither!! No related posts. Read More »

Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 Memory

Crucial has finally entered the enthusiast memory market and has made quite a splash with its Ballistix line. This review covers Crucial’s current flagship DDR2 modules rated at 667MHz (PC2-5300). Two 512MB modules go up against Corsair’s PC2-5400 1GB TwinX kit. No related posts. Read More »

UPS Roundup: In The Eye Of The Storm

There’s nothing like a series of natural disasters to convince you that a backup power source is an excellent investment! Join us for a look at four different UPS models. No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte GeForce 6800 (GV-N68128DH)

Anyone looking at spending about $300 on a new video card should take a look at Gigabyte’s GeForce 6800. It offers a fanless cooling solution and one of the best game bundles I have seen in a long time. No related posts. Read More »

NVIDIA PCI-Express GeForce 6800 GT

Check out our first look at a high-end PCI-Express video card in the form of NVIDIA’s reference 6800 GT. The card also gets overclocked to Ultra speeds to see what we can expect from NVIDIA’s flagship card. See how the card performs in games like Doom 3, Far Cry and Counter-Stirke: Source. No related posts. Read More »

Samsung 192MP (19in LCD/TV)

Does it seem like more and more products are turning into the Swiss Knife of things to you? First it was the printer/fax, then the printer/fax added scanning and copying. Some of them even let you plug in your media cards so you can print you pictures without turning on your PC. Well, the company that does this with monitors is Samsung. Today I am looking at the 192MP which is a 19” LCD monitor that sport just about every feature you could think of adding to a monitor. No related posts. Read More »

Silverstone TJ06 Case

Once again, brings you a Silverstone case review – this time of their top-end Temjin 6 series with the patented Wind Tunnel. This full-sized box has a lot to offer; does it live on its promise? No related posts. Read More »

Asetek Hard Drive Cooler

GPU, CPU and chipset, what more do we need to cool in a computer?Correct, the hard drive! Asetek has released a new hard drive cooler kit that allows you to cool a hard drive together with their, or a competitors, watercooling system. We have tried it to see if it really can bring the temperature down. No related posts. Read More »

Ultra X-Connect 500 Watt Modular Power Supply

Ultra really surprised the hardware community by releasing a great looking and solid power supply called the X-Connect, which offers a feature that modding supply stores made popular — a modular design. This allows you to use only the cables you need to reduce clutter in your case. This PSU has cool written all over it! No related posts. Read More »

VisionTek 1GB Go Drive

1GB on the go! Yes, you can take a CD and a half in something smaller than a pack of gum. Put it in your pocket, find a USB port, and take everything you need with you! No related posts. Read More »

Imation 1GB USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive

Imation delivers a solution to all of you who lose little things like that cap on your USB flash drive. The Swivel Drive has no cap that you can lose. Instead, as the name suggests, you swivel it open. Innovative design, great performance and Imation reliability are all offered by the USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive. No related posts. Read More »

Gigabyte GA-8GPNXP Duo

Beyond the extensive features that the 8Sigma series offers, the GA-8GPNXP Duo features the Intel Express 915P chipset, SATA and IDE RAID, and the Gigabyte GN-WPKG PCI wireless networking card. No related posts. Read More »

Lian-Li PC-V1000 Aluminum Case

Ooooooohhhh Ahhhhhhhhh!! No, we aren’t in a museum, but we may be looking at a work of art with the Lian-Li PC-V1000 all-aluminum case. Come take a closer look at a smooth and sleek case that you may want to add to your arsenal of hardware. No related posts. Read More »

Antec NeoPower 480

Modular power supplies have become popular for obvious reaons: less clutter and more flexibility. Antec brings us one of the first mainstream modular PSUs in the form of the NeoPower 480. Not only are most of the cables detachable, but the unit also features dual +12V rails. No related posts. Read More »

PowerColor X800 PRO Limited Assassin Edition

PowerColor X800 PRO Limited Assassin Edition is a very solid product with really good accessory assortment and substantial performance. Because of rare and incomparable package, hardware admirers will love every aspect of the card including additional and useful bundle. No related posts. Read More »

Corsair 675MHz DDR2 (Twin2X1024-5400C4PRO)

If you are upgrading to a new LGA775 motherboard and need DDR2, you’ll want to check out this article. Corsair’s speedy 1GB Twin2X1024-5400C4PRO kit features big heat spreaders, activity LEDs and great performance. No related posts. Read More »

Futuremark’s 3DMark05

It is time for a new version of Futuremark’s 3DMark benchmark. With a new rendering engine closer mimicking a ‘true’ game as well as tools for any serious benchmarkers, the chances are high that this will become the new standard for DX9 benchmarks. No related posts. Read More »

Leadtek WinFast A400 Ultra TDH (GeForce 6800 Ultra)

If you are interested in one of the most powerful GPUs available, take a look at this review of Leadtek’s flagship video card, the WinFast A400 Ultra TDH (GeForce 6800 Ultra). As is typical with Leadtek’s card, the A400 Ultra features a custom cooler, and since it’s a 6800U, it offers awesome performance. No related posts. Read More »

Albatron GeForce PCX5750

If you’re looking for a good PCI Express video card that doesn’t cost too much but offers a bit more than the reference design, the Albatron PCX5750 is definitely worth your consideration. Based on the NVIDIA GeForce PCX5750 chip, it is a great overclocker and is priced well under $150. No related posts. Read More »

ABIT AA8 DuraMAX Motherboard (Intel 925X)

With the 925X chipset under the hood, the AA8 DuraMAX from ABIT sports some great features and specs. Plus, as usual with ABIT’s enthusiast-oriented products, you can tweak to your heart’s content with this board. Check out the review for more info. No related posts. Read More »

PowerColor RADEON 9800 Platinum Edition

Maybe this isn’t a top of the line video card but for around $160 you get a very decent performance and a cool multiplayer game which retails at $39.99. As to memory architecture confusions, I think the box was appropriately labled as a 128-bit version. Looking back at some of the benchmarks, it’s pretty clear that this card can push a lot of pixels even with 9.6 GB’s of memory bandwidth and a slower clocked memory. No related posts. Read More »

Samsung ML-2250 Laser Printer

The ML-2250 is a good printer just like its little brother the ML1740. The things that make this printer stand out and make it worth the extra money is the speed over the 1740 and the 1200×1200 DPI. No related posts. Read More »

Intel Pentium 4 560 (3.6 GHz LGA775) Processor

Earlier this month, we took a look at the Intel Pentium 4 550 (3.4GHz) processor, and this time we have the 560 (3.6GHz) up on the test bench to gauge its performance. Check out this quick look at the current fastest Intel desktop processor (non-EE that is). No related posts. Read More »

Albatron PX915P Pro

If you’re looking for a motherboard to match up with that new Prescott processor but don’t want to shell out too much dough, then Albatron has an Intel 915P Express based mainboard – the PX915P Pro – that you should take a look at. Read this review to find out if it can meet your needs. No related posts. Read More »

Kingwin Mutant X Case

Wanting to get away from the sometimes boring and average looking cases that are out on the market, Kingwin designed the Mutant X case for those who want to be a little on the odd side. No related posts. Read More »

BFG GeForce 6800 OC 128MB

Are you itching to upgrade that 5900 series or 9800 Pro but just can’t afford the $500 price tag of the latest and greatest. Take a look at the BFG 6800 OC and see if the lower end of the totem pole can still satisfy that yearning for a new engine in your PC. No related posts. Read More »

Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 501

The LX 501 has it all: ergonomic ultra flat design, user oriented function keys, grade “A” optical mouse with scrolling tilt-wheel and application switch button, wireless range up to 6 feet and most importantly maximum efficiency — a key factor when it comes down to productivity. Whether you work in your office or at home, you need to be efficient. With this combo you will open and control your applications with one single button just under your fingertips. No related posts. Read More »

Intel Pentium 4 550 (3.4 GHz LGA775) Processor

Intel recently introduced a new processor package technology – Flip-Chip Land Grid Array – to the world, and Monarch Computer Systems sent one our way. Check out this review to see what the new package is like and how the P4 550 clocked at 3.4 GHz performs. No related posts. Read More »

Thermaltake Venus 12 K8 Cooler

Thermaltake delivers a big chunk of copper to cool your Athlon 64 processor with its Venus 12 cooler. Check out this review to see how it stacks up against the stock AMD cooler. No related posts. Read More »

Ideazon Zboard

The Ideazon Zboard features many innovative ideas, all bundled together into one great product. This keyboard is suited for the average user, and features a gaming keyset that is sure to enhance any gamer’s skill. No related posts. Read More »

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