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Zotax Zbox Nano AQ01 Plus


No doubt the segment of the market the Zbox Nano AQ01 Plus occupies is a niche market. It does what it should well though and offers nice performance and features for such a small foot print.  The features are impressive and we cannot really say we miss anything as we get great wireless support, lots of usb-ports (both usb 2 and 3) and support for VESA-mount. We agree with Zotac that this would be a nice media PC or possibly a kitchen PC attached to a small monitor. It would have been nice with a remote though.

On the negative side we find a slower hard drive that somewhat impacts performance. In that sense getting the non-plus-version might be a better choice as you can select what storage option you want to use. We have not found a price for the Plus-version is the US yet but the non-Plus version (no HDD or memory included) retails around $260 and in Sweden the difference between the two is around 200$ so if you are happy with the drive then the Plus-version is perfect, otherwise get the Zbox Nano AQ01.

The biggest issue for the Zbox Nano AQ01 Plus though is that it is being attacked from other types of devices, namely tablets. If all you need is a kitchen PC you might as well get a nice 10″+ tablet. Even as a media PC there are now nice alternatives like AirPlay on IOS, Google ChromeCast together with a Android device or one of the new Windows 8 tablets with HDMI-out. A PC like the Zbox Nano AQ01 Plus does a lot more though (well, maybe not compared to a Windows 8 tablet) so if you need the flexibility then it still is a good choice, especially since it will cost a lot less than most of the tablet options.



While Zotac maybe is most knows for their graphics cards they also are specialized on small motherboards and small desktop systems. Today we are reviewing one of those tiny small desktop PC’s: the Zotax Zbox Nano AQ01 Plus. This is a very small PC that even comes with a VESA-mount so it can be attached to a TV ore monitor and be out of sight. It has a Quad-core AMD “Kabini” APU, the A4-5000 while a Radeon HD 8330 provides us with the graphics muscles. This is not a gaming machine, even though the GPU should benefit from the Mantle…

Review Overview

Performance - 6.5
Value - 7.5
Quality - 7.5
Features - 8
Innovation - 7


The Zbox Nano AQ01 Plus offers a lot of features in a small foot-print.

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  1. Hi Björn, you are mentioning the OC settings in the BIOS. what opportunities dies THW zbox offer in Detail?

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