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Bitfenix Phenon Mini-ITX case


Award_GoldThere are a lot of cool cases out on the market these days so it is sometimes easy to feel a bit blasé when a new case arrives. Still the Bitfenix Phenom mini-ITX manages to impress us. It is not the smallest mini-ITX-case on the market, not that odd considering it shares the same exterior as the Phenom m-ATX case, but this means that Bitfenix has managed to make it possible to cram this case full with high-performance components. Whether it is a full length graphics card or a tall third-party cooler for your Intel Corei7-CPU, both will fit. Add to that a ton of space for drives (up to eleven  2.5″ and six 3.5″-drives) and it is obvious that this case can work both for a smaller gaming rig or a server. In fact, we are thinking of taking this and building a gaming-server with it complete with a GTX7xx GPU, a fast CPU and several hard drives and then use it to stream games to our Nvidia Shield (and hopefully other devices later) as well as media to the rest of our network. We understand why Webhallen used it for their Steam-machine prototype. 

At around $80 this is not an expensive case and we get a lot of case for our money. 

One of the more dominant trends over the last year or so when it comes to computer cases is that more and more companies bring out small computer cases meant for mini-ITX motherboards that still can handle more powerful components. No longer do we have to settle with on-board graphics and a slow CPU. No, these computer cases are meant to work well even for the serious gamer. The case we are reviewing today is a perfect example of that: the Bitfenix Phenom Mini-ITX case. This case is available in both mini-ITX and micro-ATX format although they actually share the…

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Value - 9
Features - 9
Innovation - 8.5
Quality - 8.5


The Bitfenix Phenom mini-ITX case is a impressive case that can not only handle regular dual-slot graphics cards and tall CPU-coolers but also have space for tons of 2.5"- and 3.5"-drives. The case proves that just because you want a smaller case does not mean you have to compromise with the components.

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