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Sapphire R7 240 Dual HDMI Graphics Card

Our Final Thoughts

When I received the 240 I honestly didn’t think much of it as I’m more of a performance guy, and well honestly a low profile low end card does not spell performance to me.

To my surprise this is one mini card with some major potential. The default speeds are very much lacking and at lower detail levels or lower resolutions I could see some  light gaming being possible but once overclocked I could see some mid level gaming being a real possibility.

The pure fact that you can gain over 30% performance by just maybe 10 minutes of tuning from this card was awesome to me but now I have to wonder why Sapphire did not crank this up to begin with. The cooling capability is simply ridiculous as the GPU does not get warm at all and even when clocked so insanely high it still never broke into the 60s.

The card presently retails for $79.99 at Newegg which is right in the middle of the pack for 240 model cards.

Anyone with an off the shelf PC and a HDMI or DVI display would have a great choice with the GT240 especially if your target games is an eSports title such as SCII, DOTA or LOL which do not need a super beefy graphics card.

Pros: Cons
  • Low Profile Design
  • Dual HDMI
  • Dual Audio Stream Capability
  • Excellent Overclocking Capability
  • There are cheaper options for a 240
  • Not really made for gaming. 
Sapphire Radeon R7-240 Dual HDMI Sapphire being the premier partner for AMD its only natural that they offer every one of AMDs offerings and maybe even some special tweaks to the lower end or more mainstream models available. The card we are reviewing today happens to be one of those cards which is the R7-240 which is destined to be something like a stock replacement for an off the shelf PC. Sapphire did something pretty interesting here by equipping the card with dual HDMI connectors vs the standard connection array. Key Features Dual HDMI and Dual Audio Sapphire supports top…

Review Overview

Performance - 8
Value - 8.5
Quality - 9
Features - 8
Innovation - 9


The Sapphire R7-240 Dual HDMI is one potent mini card with a ton of overclocking potential, perfect for off the shelf system upgrades

User Rating: 2.6 ( 2 votes)

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  1. Kind of pretentious to consider today a lowly card hobbled on DDR3 to have a place in Ultra 1080p gaming. This is just a quick dual monitor upgrade card for a SFF. There are GDDR5 R7 240 units like the one Diamond has that would be more the “entry gaming” while in a half-height package. It has some oomph to permit 1080p when more judicious medium/no-AA settings are placed on it. Sure it not going to “wow” you but to even achieve 1080p in a SFF enclosure and only a 30W TDP is astounding.

    “I have to wonder why Sapphire did not crank this up to begin with.” Because they’re constrained to stay within the 30W TDP.

    I really see next time you do this type of card, forget all the other graphic cards you’ve notched on your grip. Cut it down a to say 4 cards all in this half-height package, price, and card in the past and perhaps currently fall into something approaching this TDP. Would be nice to see this against a 6570 DDR5 (60W), a GT 630 (65W) (hard if impossible to get as DDR5 half-height), and something stronger that can chronicle into a bunch of previous data like a 6670 GDDR5 (65W). Using that group gives a clear picture as to where we’ve been, and expectations today. All the synthetic test don’t indicate much of anything other than it’s way lower performance than, newer, more powerful and expensive gaming cards. Kind of figured that…

    • I agree with Ultra 1080p gaming, however I dont have a 1080p monitor just a 20 inch 720p monitor and I can play all games on high or ultra with at least 30fps at 1600×900. So for 50 bucks it was awesome for me.

  2. i purchased this card based on this review and found the reviewer’s information to be totally incorrect. This card DOES NOT provide audio to both HDMI outputs at the same time according to the manufacturer.

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