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Sapphire R9 280X VaporX Graphics Card

Our Final Thoughts

Sapphire took good and made great with the toxic, then with the VaporX they took the great Toxic cooler and made it insane with the VaporX Vapor chamber in place.

The only thing I could ask for at this point would be a VaporX cooler like this on a 290X just to see if Sapphire could further tame that über hot GPU.

The 280X VaporX is an excellent gamers card, while it may not pull the top clocks in overclocking it will play your games very well and stay super cool and quiet in the process!

When so many manufacturers are fighting for every last MHz and adding features that cost a ton more just to tweak a little further Sapphire chose to make a card that will be more enjoyable to use while still performing well and staying super cool and quiet which is what gaming graphics cards should be all about.

Hats off to Sapphire for focusing on what the card were designed for and not just an arbitrary number on a benchmark which most gamers really don’t care about. This just further shows Sapphires dedication to being the “Gamers Brand”

Pros: Cons
  • Amazing Performance
  • Tri-X Cooler w/Vapor Chamber
  • Excellent quality VRM
  • Plenty of display connectivity
  • Dual 8 pin
  • UEFI/Standard BIOS
  • Solid Overclocking
  • Holy WOW Temps!!!
  • Trixx software needs some polish
Sapphire Radeon R9-280X VaporX Sapphire as we all know is AMDs premier partner so we always see cool stuff coming from them, but honestly we had already seen a VaporX 280X so we have all simply been waiting for what would come next such as the much rumored 295X or another 290X iteration. To my surprise I got hands on with a newer VaporX 280X model card which is actually a whole new configuration and looks very much like the Toxic model we looked at some time ago now sporting the Tri-X cooler. However this card carries blue hints instead…

Review Overview

Performance - 9
Value - 9.5
Quality - 9.5
Features - 9.5
Innovarion - 9.5


Sapphire innovated their way into an amazing position by taking a proven cooler and finding ways to make it amazing! instead of strictly focusing on overclocking they pulled out the stops to make an amazing "Gamers" card

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