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EKWB EK-XLC Predator 360 (incl QDC) (EAN: 3831109863350)

EKWB EK-XLC Predator 360

With processors running faster, and overclocking an everyday event for a lot of enthusiasts, the use of watercooling to cool processors is becoming a more common method than ever before. EKWB builds some of the best kits and AIO watercoolers in the business. While other manufacturers tie you to a non-expandable AIO kit, EKWB is busy building expandable kits that allow you to add VGA loops, larger pumps and customize the watercooling loop to your needs.


Features & Specifications

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 415 x 133 x 68mm (L x W x H)
  • Fan type: EK-Vardar F4-120ER Predator Edition (550-2200rpm)
  • Tube length: ~400mm (15.75in)
  • Fitting type: EK-ACF Fitting 10/16mm
  • QDC type: 10mm barb fitting
  • Coolant type: EK-Ekoolant EVO Clear
  • Pump type: Laing DDC3.1 6W
  • Total liquid capacity: ~325mL

Nominal cooling performance (fans @ 1850rpm):

  • ΔT=10K: ~425W
  • ΔT=15K: ~637W

CPU socket compatibility:

  • Intel LGA-775
  • Intel LGA-1150/1151/1155/1156
  • Intel LGA-1366
  • Intel LGA-2011(-3)

Additional Compatibility Available For Purchase:

  • Optional AMD Socket Upgrade Kit add-on brings further compatibility for the following CPU sockets:
    • AMD Sockets: 939, 754, 940
    • AMD Sockets: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+



  • EK-XLC Predator 360 (incl. QDC) – Revision 1.1
  • EK-TIM Ectotherm (1g syringe)
  • Main Power and PWM signal cable
  • CPU Mounting mechanism
  • Installation manual (ENG)

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  1. I’d say cpu cooling and gpu cooling are pretty much useless if only temperatures are measured and noise levels are completely ignored. There is not even a an opiniated subjective piece written about noise levels.

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