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GIGABYTE 9800 GT – An overclocker’s dream

  GIGABYTE has done it again! With their 9800 GT offering GIGABYTE shows why it has one of the best line up of graphic accelerators in the world. What makes this card so great? Read on to find out!

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NZXT Khaos – Evolution of the PC chassis

  Bjorn3D is here to show you guys the top offering in cases from NZXT. Their Khaos chassis comes with 3mm thick aluminum, water cooling support, a fold-out motherboard tray and more fan placements then ever before. The question is; Does it look as good in real life as it …

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PowerColor HD 4870

  The release of the HD 4000 series has taken PC gaming by storm. PowerColor is here with their latest offering in the form of the HD4870. Let’s see if PowerColor can offer a compelling package and if their HD4870 is worthy of your hard earned money.

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