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Post CES 2011 Product Overview

  A final post-CES 2011 overview of the show floor and some of the latest products showcased this year.

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Patriot @ CES 2011: Javelin S4 Media Server

Patriot Memory just announced their new Javelin S4 Media Server NAS, capable of up to 12TBs of storage for a massive home theater movie/music/photo collection.

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CoolerMaster @ CES 2011

Cooler Master showed us some of their new products at CES 2011, including a new CM Storm case and a couple of new CPU coolers.

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Zalman @ CES 2011

Zalman unveiled some new products today at CES 2011, including cases, coolers, and more.

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Nvidia @ CES 2011: The Tegra 2

Nvidia has announced the Tegra 2 chip, which will bring in a new generation of superphones like the LG Optimus 2X.

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