Wednesday , 27 August 2014
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Silverstone Fortress Series FT02

Silverstone’s Raven cases introduced a special vertical air circulation we have never seen on PC cases before. The new Fortress Series FT02 case also uses the new vertical air circulation.



When it comes to picking computer cases, some computer enthusiasts get very picky at the type of case that will fit their needs. With the latest hardware on the market, there is no doubt a BIG problem with the enormous amounts of heat being produced. There are plenty of ways of fixing this problem. One is by providing enough ventilation through the hardware to dissipate the heat, elongating the life span of your hardware. The second option would be to get an aftermarket cooler on the hardware, but that would still not fix the hot air problem inside the chassis. The next option would be to get low power and heat rated hardware, but this is not always available to us computer enthusiasts, because we always want the best and the fastest. So what else could be done to help with the heat problems? Well, by completely redesigning the way our hardware sit in our computer cases. This is what Silverstone did with their first RAVEN chassis and it has totally revolutionized heat dissipation in the chassis industry.

Today we are looking at Silverstone’s new high-end full-tower computer chassis, the Fortress Series FT02, which implements both the excellent ventilation principle, as well as the new redesigned interior, which allows us to install our video cards vertically instead of horizontally. You might ask, well how would this help in dissipating heat? Well, it’s very simple. We all know that heat loves to rise to the top while cool air stays on the bottom. By turning the video cards and other hardware from horizontal position to sit vertically, the air can easily slide out through the expansion slots instead of creating heat pockets between the cards. But that’s not all, the new Fortress Series FT02 also switched the sides where the motherboard tray is located at, and it also allows the power supply to be mounted vertically for easier heat dissipation. There are plenty of other amazing features that the Fortress Series FT02 chassis has, but let’s leave that to the following pages where we can also check them out in the pictures.

Product Name Price
Silverstone Fortress Series FT02 Full-Tower Chassis $239.99
In-Win Maelstrom Full-Tower Chassis $141.43


Special Feature
Revolutionary 90 degree motherboard mounting from RAVEN RV01
Innovative 4.5mm aluminum unibody frame from Temjin TJ07
Three 180mm fans for unprecedented positive pressure and stack effect cooling
Supports liquid cooling radiator mounting
Motherboard back plate opening behind CPU area for quick cooler assembly
Supports 11” wide ATX motherboard
Foam padded interior for advanced noise absorption
Remark ATI Radeon HD 5970 in FT02

We can see lots of features that other case manufacturers do no include in their chassis. It took quite some time before other manufacturers started to implement the acoustic foam feature as well as quick tool-less installation that actually works. Silverstone has an excellent tool-less installation method, especially for the hard drives and the optical drives. Plus, Silverstone has also provided a single hot swapable hard drive bay for easy and fast installation of hard drives. Multiple adapters can be installed later to the other available hard drive bays.


Let’s take a look at the specifications of this chassis:

Model No.

SST-FT02B (black)
SST-FT02S (silver)
SST-FT02B-W (black + window)
SST-FT02S-W (silver + window)


4.5mm aluminum unibody frame, 0.8mm steel body