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Lian Li Q27 Mini-ITX case


Award_ApprovalThe Lian Li Q27 is yet another nice clean-looking aluminium case from Lian Li. At around $70 (Newegg) it is relatively cheap and offers good features and performance for the money. It is a bit disappointing that the case does not support a dual-slot GPU though. We think Lian Li should ditch the optical drive and instead use the space to add support for dual-slot cards. In our view optical drives are slowly becoming obsolete as people move to digital files, streaming and buying games online.  The airflow in the case also is not the best depending on which power supply you use so choosing the components carefully is extra important in this case if you want to have a bit more powerful components in it.

Still, even with those negatives the Lian Li Q27 turns out to be a nice little mini-ITX  case that easily will work well for most types of computers. With the right components it is virtually silent and we can definitely see this case used in a small Media PC connected to the TV streaming movies via XBMC or Plex and playing simpler games via Steam Big Screen. 

Small computer cases for mini-ITX motherboards have been extremely popular the last few years. Once these types of systems could only house components with little power but these days you can build pretty competent and powerful systems regardless of the size of the case. The…

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Performance - 7
Value - 8
Features - 7
Innovation - 7
Quality - 9


The Lian Li Q27 is yet another nice clean looking aluminium case from Lian Li. At around $70 (Newegg) it is relatively cheap and offers good features and performance for the money.

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  1. There is PC-Q29 that has two PCI slots like PC-Q11. Its not even that much larger than PC-Q27, which is similiar to PC-Q07. The 5,25 bay is always good to have, maybe not for optical drive but some other devices or hard drives.

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